Diversity and inclusion: is your nonprofit storytelling appealing to diverse cultures? 

acknowledge the cultural components of your brand audience and how they relate to your internal culture.

Is it complex? Yes. 

Is it time-consuming? YES! 

Is it important? YOU BET. 

That is why we developed a system that allows you to craft an appealing message according to each culture.

Problem Definition

Diversity and inclusion requires a clear approach. First, we define the problem your brand needs to solve and the cultural groups that could benefit from it.

Cultural Assesment

We analyze the culture from various perspectives: history, geography, pop culture, mythology, social elements, and key customer personas within that culture.

Insights Analysis

We interview individuals that fit the different customer personas. Then, we analyze the insights to determine how the problem needs to be reshaped. Diversity and inclusion means to be able to integrate the different perspectives surrounding the same problem.

Message Prototype

We create a series of possible messages based on the insights. Then, we define customer journeys to determine the best platforms to put those messages out.

Message Testing

We define the minimal sample audience to test the message and check the results. We analyze the type of message, platform, and type of response.

Message Amplification

We amplify a proven message by going to a larger sample of people. Then we consider upscaling actions like advertising, media plans, and more significant investments.


We believe in bringing different perspectives together, acknowledging the history and particularities of each one, and building a future together. That is how we work with your brand. From our perspective, diversity and inclusion means coexistence and collaboration across different perspectives.