Client: Saint Charles Private School.
Service: Brand Storytelling – Branding
Industry: Education.
Branding agency: The Brand Building Shop

The Context.

Established in 1992, Saint Charles College is located in one of Argentina’s most prestigious educational areas. This area is crowded with traditional international schools. Some are over a hundred years old and educated students, such as the Queen of Holland.

The Problem.

In that area, a new school like Saint Charles had many difficulties getting students. So they called us at half capacity to design a social media campaign to increase leads. 

The Solution.

In our assessment, we determined that there was a lack of consistency in their Brand Storytelling. They were copying the strategy of traditional British-style schools when their natural approach to education had an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit style.

We adjusted the brand storytelling to reflect the characteristics that made them stand out as a modern, innovative educational institution with a diverse vision.

First, we needed to define a brand narrative that could align all their actions in terms of marketing, PR, sales, internal culture, and vision. 

The narrative title was: Educating global citizens for the future. 

The next step was to define a series of storylines that could feed that narrative and relate to the type of families they wanted to reach. Some of these storylines were:

“We educate global citizens.” This was backed with a very international style of education, with students being bilingual in English and French, and international trips and educational exchanges.

“Art to develop a creative mindset.” They focused on teaching art since pre-k level, and children in kindergarten already knew about different artistic movements.

“Technology to the service of humankind”. The school soon became a pioneer in the use of robotics since kindergarten, and attracted prestigious and innovative teachers that they incorporated to their staff.

Part of the strategy was to back this actions through social media, events, and press releases, in order to build the overall brand storytelling of a new school that was bringing innovation to the heart of traditional education.

This new brand storytelling also demanded that we work on a logo refresh, graphically modern, with a more contemporary style. Today, it is used on uniforms, stationery, signs, and other school assets.

The new logo encapsulated their new values: “Forward thinking”, “Breaking the limits and conventions”, and “Perspective defines events”.


The Results.

As a result, registrations increased to their total capacity. 

The new storytelling attracted the best talent to their staff, increasing the level of their students, who won international tournaments in Math, Science, and Language. 

The most prestigious universities offered agreements to prioritize the access of Saint Charles students to their careers, due to the prestige their education was earning. 

In 2020, not only did they not close because of the pandemic crisis, but there were no layoffs for any staff members.

Today, while many schools in the area are permanently closed or on standby, Saint Charles is expanding.

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